Charities welcome Dr Andrew Leigh as their Assistant Minister

The charities sector is delighted to welcome Dr Andrew Leigh as the new Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury.

Rev Tim Costello AO, Chair of CCA said; ‘Assistant Minister Leigh has been representing charities within the Labor Party and within the Australian Parliament for over a decade. Most people would not fully recognise what a big job this is. Dr Leigh brings extensive knowledge and experience making him an ideal Minister to help drive positive reform, improve productivity and strengthen the many communities we all serve.

We are hopeful that Assistant Minister Leigh will ensure charities have a legitimate seat at the table for major government policy discussions around the economy, employment, equity, the environment, foreign aid, disaster preparedness and recovery, arts and recreation, education and innovation, health and wellbeing.’

Charities employ over 1.3 million Australians, turn over more than $150 billion, engage over 3.5 million volunteers, and contribute over 8% of GDP. Both the ALP and Greens actively engaged with charities and not-for-profit organisations in pre-election policy forums and discussions.

David Crosbie, CEO of CCA said, ‘Representing the breadth of the charities and not-for-profit sectors is a massive role that has a very significant impact on our economy and our communities. We are keen to start working towards the full implementation of the ALP policies Assistant Minister Leigh helped frame. This includes developing a blueprint for the sector, increasing incentives for philanthropy, supporting digital transformation, developing our staff, increasing the length of government contracts, establishing two new high level advisory groups, and ending red tape impediments to charity fundraising and productivity.

A CCA pre-election survey of over 3,400 people across 20 marginal electorates found that over 90% of respondents were involved in local charities and believed the way governments worked with charities was very important to the future of their communities.