Policy work

Member-driven and evidence-based

As a leadership network for the sector, by the sector – our work is evidence-based and driven by members and the issues affecting the wider sector.

CCA works strategically on the many issues that affect not-for-profits funding, regulatory and operational environment. We consider: 

  • Emerging concerns from our members, sector consultation and research
  • Likely impact on the sector and its ability to build flourishing communities 
  • Opportunities for change through sector engagement and policy advocacy 
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships 

CCA is sector-led and member-driven. Our Board and our membership brings leadership from across diverse areas of the charities and not-for-profit sector to CCA's work. Policy is developed, reviewed and refined with members. We draw on evidence-based research and the depth and breadth of on-the-ground experience of our members through one on one meetings, round table forums that engage CEOs and CFOs nationally, and direct input from members on CCA’s policy submissions.

Independent, consultative, constructive and a strong voice on sector issues

CCA was established in 2010 when a group of like-minded CEOs in the not-for-profit sector contributed their own resources to create a new organisation that would facilitate collaborative relationships and advocate for the not-for-profit sector on key issues that impact the viability and effectiveness of the sector.

We have grown since then, but it is our member-driven independence and commitment to the not-for-profit sector’s impact, that arms CCA with a fearless voice as we push policy into action:

Behind doors: Consultation and considered advocacy with advisors, Ministers and decision-makers, parliamentarians and stakeholders.
Public debate: Strategic media, mass media campaigns and high profile televised events. 
Together: We partner and coordinate with organisations to create a choir of voices progressing sector issues.
CCA’s staff, board and member network brings with it a wealth of experience and expertise to work with the highest levels of government and shape national policy. CCA works with the sector and is an influential voice bringing sector issues to the media and public discussion. 

Shaping policy

‘‘Without CCA, I am not sure we would now be operating under a modern definition of charities that acknowledges our right to advocate and still be called a charity. Similarly, I wonder if we would have had anti-gag clauses passed through the Federal parliament; or whether we would all now have to check whether we can maintain our tax concessions when engaging in income producing activities?,’

Rev Tim Costello AO, Chair, CCA

Sector-led, Member-driven

From CCA on Vimeo.


CCA is sector-led and member-driven. Organisations join CCA because they understand the importance of a sector voice, the strength of leaders working together and the need for NFP organisations to invest in the future of our sector.