We are an independent member-based charity peak body dedicated to building flourishing communities by enhancing the extraordinary work of Australia’s not-for-profit sector. We do this by changing the way governments, communities and the not-for-profit sector relate to one another.  In particular, this includes establishing a regulatory environment that works for community organisations - not against them. Find out more...



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This submission outlines nine measures the Community Council for Australia (CCA) believes will significantly strengthen Australia’s not-for-profit (NFP) sector to support our communities and drive real economic savings for government over the coming financial year and beyond.

For the last two years charities have moved mountains to be able to continue serving their communities. That work is far from done. At a time when silence empowers injustice, it’s time to make some noise writes CCA CEO David Crosbie in Pro Bono News, 27 January 2022.

The challenge for 2022 is to build on the remarkable collective strengths we have seen in 2021 – it is time to disrupt the power of those seeking to silence and divide us, writes CEO David Crosbie in Pro Bono News, 16 December 2021.

In light of the Jenkins report, CCA CEO David Crosbie writes in Pro Bono News, 2 December 2021: Charities should be places where we model, champion, and enforce the values of respect and safety for all. This only happens if there is a real commitment to ensure the values at the core of most charities are embedded in our structures, processes and relationships. When we choose to call out misconduct in our organisations and our communities, when we choose to challenge bullying and discrimination, we are not just making a difference, we are enacting the fundamental values of charity. 

Cut-through with an image. This election campaign, CCA CEO David Crosbie wants to see 10,000 powerful images of charities making a difference, and to know that every political candidate is seeking opportunities to be in a picture with a charity. Pro Bono News, 18 November 2021.