We are an independent member-based charity peak body dedicated to building flourishing communities by enhancing the extraordinary work of Australia’s not-for-profit sector. We do this by changing the way governments, communities and the not-for-profit sector relate to one another.  In particular, this includes establishing a regulatory environment that works for community organisations - not against them. Find out more...



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The gap between where charities are and where they might like to be can only ever be breached if more resources are allocated to bridging the digital divide between charities and between communities writes CCA CEO David Crosbie in Pro Bono News, 4 November 2021.

The performance of the Australian Charities and Not for profits Commission has declined when it should be improving. Turning a blind eye to poor performance is not an option, especially in a regulator whose function is primarily about enabling charities to better serve communities, writes CCA CEO David Crosbie in Pro Bono News, 21 October 2021.

Charities can ensure the needs of their communities are front and centre in every one of our 151 electorates. They have the power to change the kind of Australia we live in. This election, charities can and should exercise that power writes CCA CEO David Crosbie in Pro Bono News, 7 October 2021.

This brief submission outlines key areas of opportunity and concern in relation to the proposed new thresholds for charities and proposed related party transaction requirements.CCA welcomes the opportunity to engage with The Treasury on this important issue. In general terms, CCA is supportive of the proposed changes, but with the proviso that unintended consequences, including more onerous reporting and potentially restricting in-kind and at cost support to charities, are factored into the implementation of the proposed measures.

Most of us are working for our collective good - a tiny minority are pushing individualism. We can't allow those who seek to divide us to win. Charities can lift us all by showing what happens when we support each other writes CCA CEO David Crosbie in Pro Bono News, 23 September 2021.